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Branch 915 - Idaho State
John Valuet
Customer Services Supervisor; Boise Main Office

The Postal Service despite it's obvious ties to the Federal Goverment has the responsibility to operate and conduct it's services to the American public and well as those we serve abroad in an efficient and professional manner. As business enviroments change, so must the Postal Service evolve in order to meet those demands. We as members of Branch 915 work to serve and preserve the needs of our customers in conjuction with having a working relationship with our craft employee's to meet those needs. This working relationship also extends too and up through the chain of command of working with our District Staff (of which many are NAPS members) that continously support our efforts throughout the field. In conclusion, NAPS branch 915 is also Idaho's EAS support association who's mission it is to serve as a resourse for answers to questions and information for it's members and lend support when ever it is needed. Our mission, although business like in many ways, is also a postal family that finds the time to gather for social events from time to time and enjoy each others company. Not yet a member? Give one of our branch officers a call and join the family.

Henry Medel
Vice President
Customer Services Manager; Cole Village Station

Michelle Audette
Overland Trail Station Supervisor

Ken Christianson
Legislative Chairperson
Manager, Customer Services, 5 Mile Station

Branch 915 mailing address:

Branch 915
PO Box 8333
Boise, ID 83707