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Branch 954 - Washington State
Charles Roberts
(253) 651-2133
Manager, Customer Services, Seattle District

The State Branch is committed to the five NAPS branches that make up support for our EAS Supervisors, Managers, and Postmasters of Washington State. We are here to assist where we can or to advise Branch officers and members in various activities including preparation for appeals, advisory to actions to take in support or defense of our members, and to be used as a conduit to provide or obtain information requested from our members. We meet with the Seattle District Manager every other month to discuss the work environment of our members and to seek in depth information on the ever-changing postal policies and edicts to pass on to our branches. We are also invited to quarterly meetings with the Spokane District Manager and staff. We assist in coordinating appointments with our elected officials between all the branches at the annual Legislative Training Seminar (LTS) in Washington DC . A function that is important to the quality of our livelihood not only for our current members but for our retirees as well. LTS is also a great opportunity for our members to learn and see how our government of the United States of America functions. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you are seeking answers or to find the branch that would be closest to you to join today!


Bjoern Gruetzmacher
Legislative Chairperson
(206) 226-6401
Postmaster, Ravensdale WA

Branch 954 mailing address:

Branch 954
PO Box 532
Graham, WA 98338-0532